Patristic Universalism by David Burnfield

Patristic Universalism is the belief that God desires all men to be saved and achieves this desire through His Son Jesus Christ. While some forms of universalism have sprung up that teach there is no hell and that all truth is relative, this is not the universalism I'm defending. The form of universalism advocated in this book is that which was taught by some of the earliest and greatest church Fathers such as Clement of Alexandria, Origen, and Gregory of Nyssa. 

Synoptic Problem by David Burnfield 

Assessing the Synoptic Problem looks at the most common arguments in favor of literary dependence and seeks to provide a less destructive solution to the Synoptic Problem by advocating the view held by the early church that all four gospels were independently written.

Abundant Mercy Devotional

 by Wendy Burnfield

Would a loving parent allow suffering for all eternity for their beloved family? Would a Savior? To allow suffering for all eternity is not consistent with love, mercy, or grace. The picture we have been taught of God is completely flawed and is in need of a reformation. Read for free 

The Love and Compassion of God

by Wendy Burnfield

We often forget the kindness and compassion of God. In our cultural traditions, the focus is mainly on God’s judgment and wrath. The purpose of this journal is to reflect and document 30 years of faith in Jesus Christ, why I came to conclude that His redemptive act will save everyone. Read a Chapter one